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Daikin VRV Systems. Compact, Modular and Energy Efficient.

VRV is a modular, commercially applied air-conditioning and heating system that distributes refrigerant, rather than water, from the outdoor unit to multiple indoor units providing efficiency, individual user control and reliability in one package. Absolute comfort and efficiency is achieved with Daikin’s industry leading variable speed Inverter compressors. This means that only the amount of energy required is used to provide the necessary cooling or heating to each individual indoor unit.

VRV Heat Pump

Daikin VRV Heat Pump units power up to 30 tons of capacity from a single piping network, with up to 62 indoor fan coil units, integrated controls and BMS options and piping flexibility never before seen with a DX system. Available in 460V/3Ph/60Hz or 208-230V/3Ph/60Hz.



 VRV Heat Recovery

Daikin VRV Heat Recovery units allow for simultaneous cooling and heating from one system. System configurations power up to 28 tons of capacity from a single piping network, with up to 58 indoor fan coil units. Available in 460V/3Ph/60Hz or 208-230V/3Ph/60Hz.



W-Series VRV Heat Pump or Heat Recovery

Daikin’s water-cooled VRV saves energy over traditional centralized equipment. Equivalent to 4-Pipe Fan Coil systems, they can provide heating and cooling simultaneously to suit zone requirements, and are a viable alternative to WSHP solutions.